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Take a screenshot in Windows 7 (Picture of the screen / capture current window)

Taking screenshots in Windows 7 Whether you are trying to get help or tech support, or are writing some documentation for employees, co-workers or friends, you will sooner or later need to know how to take a screenshot in Windows 7; Windows 7 ships with all the tools you need to take all three kind of screenshots: full screen screenshot, current window screenshot, and a picture of just a portion of your screen. In other words, you don't need to download or purchase any kind of screen capture software, and this tutorial explains what free tools to use on your computer. While this tutorial is written for and with Windows 7, it also applies to Windows XP and Windows Vista (except for the Snipping Tool part, which only applies to Windows 7 and Vista).


Take a screenshot of the entire screen

If you want to show everything you currently on your screenshot, you will need to take a "full screen screenshot", which happens to be the easiest of all three variants:

This is all it takes to take a picture of your full screen in Windows 7!

Take a screenshot of the current window

In many cases, you will only need an image of the current program window:

Tip: if you are not sure which is the current program window (the image of which window will be captured), look at the close button of the windows you are seeing. The one in the forefront (the "active window") will have a red close button in Windows 7 (unless you have changed the Windows theme you are using, in which this color may be different).

Determine the active window for current window screenshots

Take screenshots of an area of the screen

To capture a picture of a small, particular area of the screen, you'll need to use the "Snipping Tool":

Tip: if you need to capture an image of the cursor (mouse pointer) in your screenshot, you will need to use a third-party screen capture software - a later tutorial will make some recommendations for this particular case.

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