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Force Windows 7 to print in black and white: temporarily turn off/disable color printing

By default, Windows 7 will print documents (web pages, Office and Word documents) and images (clip art pictures or digital photos) in the way you see them, using both black, white and shades of gray as well as any colors you see on screen. If your printer only contains a black-and-white ink cartridge, you do not have to worry about anything: Windows 7 will automatically convert the document or image to black and white and print it that way. But if you have a color ink cartridge, you will want to minimize the number of times you use it, for when it actually matters. This tutorial explains how you can tell Windows 7 to print in grayscale (black & white) any time you want.


Print a document or picture in black and white only in Windows 7

Follow these steps to print without colors:

And this is how you force Windows 7 to temporarily print a document or picture in black and white, even if your printer contains a color cartridge at that time!

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