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Print multiple copies of a page or document in Windows 7 + Collate settings when printing several pages

The default print setting in Windows 7 (and Windows Vista or Windows XP) is to print only a single copy of the selected document - and even if you previously printed multiple copies of the same file, it will automatically revert to printing a single copy next time you try to print a document (a nice automatic option that prevents wastes of paper!) This tutorial explains how to print several copies of the same file or document, and will also show you how to customize your collation settings (choosing in what order the printer should "spit out" each page). Note that while this tutorial focuses on Windows 7, the same technique can be used in Windows Vista or Windows XP.


How to print several copies of the same document or page in Windows 7

Follow these steps to send a number of duplicate pages to your printer.

Note that, depending on the printer or print driver you are using, and from which program you are trying to print multiple copies of the same document / file, you may receive the following error message: "This printer cannot support this many copies. Number of copies will be set to printer maximum of 1." If this is the case (as when printing from WordPad to PDF print driver, for example), you will just need to manually print the same document multiple times, back-to-back, instead of printing once for multiple copies.

Error message when trying to print multiple copies in Windows 7

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