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Remove/Delete a printer in Windows 7: Uninstall printers and print drivers

As soon as you connect a printer to your Windows 7 computer, or install a print driver on your PC, it will be added to your list of installed printers, and made available in the Print dialog whenever you are about to print a document or picture. This can easily get in your way if you keep seeing a printer that has long been unplugged and used elsewhere. This is especially true if the printer that is no longer available was set as your default printer, since you'll need to manually choose the printer you want as default (another tutorial will explain how to set or change your default printer in Windows 7).


Uninstall a printer or print driver in Windows 7

Follow these steps to completely remove a printer from your computer (note that you can always add it back at a later time - in the case of USB printers, all you have to do in the vast majority of cases is just plug the new printer to your computer, and Windows 7 will do the rest, namely adding any drivers you may need). Let's now show you how to access your printers to remove one of them:

Once you have finished removing the printer / print driver from your computer, try pressing Ctrl+P while on this tutorial page (this is the universal keyboard shortcut on Windows to print the current document). The "Print" dialog will appear, and include a dropdown menu with a full listing of printers and print drivers your computer recognized. The printer you just removed should no longer be visible from the list (at any rate, will be hidden from that list the next time you logoff or restart your computer, but that should not be needed).

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