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Print only portions of a page or document (Printing current text selection)

Whenever you print a document of some kind in Windows 7 (web page, Word or other Microsoft Office documents, etc.), the entire file will be printed, which may not be what you want; a previous tutorial explained how to print only the first page of a document, but the tutorial you are reading will show you how to print exactly the portion of text you want, simply by selecting it! Note that we wrote this tutorial for Windows 7, but the same technique works just as well on Windows Vista or Windows XP.


Print the text currently selected

Follow these steps to restrict printing only to the excerpt of text you are interested in:

This is literally all it takes to restrict Windows 7 to printing only a portion of a document or web page! This handy tip is a nice trick to keep in mind when you want to make your printer's ink cartridge last longer. It truly makes a difference, since many documents include header and footer information that you may not be interested in. (Keep in mind that in some cases, for copyright reasons, you are required to print the entire document, including copyright notice and other intellectual property legalese.)

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