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Print in landscape mode in Windows 7 + Switch back to printing in portrait orientation

Windows 7 will by default print your documents in "portrait mode" (vertical orientation), but will let you change the orientation of your text on the sheet of paper, and print in "landscape mode" (horizontal orientation), which is ideal for multi-column layouts - but not so practical for pure text, since each line will be as long as the rotated piece of paper (since the sheet's height, now rotated counter-clockwise, has become the width of the sheet of paper). This tutorial explains how to change paper orientation when printing documents, and switch back and forth between portrait and landscape.


Change your sheet orientation to landscape or portrait

Follow these steps to customize the printing orientation settings in Windows 7: (note that while this tutorial focuses on Windows 7, the same technique can be used in Windows Vista or Windows XP)

Warning: the portrait/landscape orientation is a persistent printing setting, which means that Windows 7 will remember it, at least for when you next print from the program you just used. Just remember to follow the steps explained above to change orientation back to portrait mode before printing a large batch of documents with the wrong layout!

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