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Set or change your default printer in Windows 7

The "default printer" is no different than any other printers or print drivers you have installed on your Windows 7 computer; the only attribute that distinguishes default printers from others is the fact that it is automatically selected whenever you invoke the "Print" dialog (the small window that opens when you click on a printing command in menus or toolbars, or press the Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut - which works in 99% of Windows applications). The first printer you install on Windows 7 automatically becomes the default printer (since it is the only one), and the only case in which you have no default printer configured is when no printers or print drivers are installed or available to your PC. This tutorial explains how to set or change your default printer in Windows 7.


Set the default printer in Windows 7

Follow these steps to choose another printer as the default:

Tip: here's how to quickly test your current, default printer. Hold down the control key (Ctrl) and press "P" at the same time - The Ctrl+P keyboard shortcut will bring up the Print dialog. Notice that the correct printer has been automatically selected by Windows 7:

Windows 7 automatically selects your default printer in the "Print" dialog

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