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Print several pages on the same sheet of paper in Windows 7

An easy way to save on ink is to print multiple pages of the same document on a same, single sheet of paper; the main limitation of course is font size: depending on how small the text font was in the original document, this approach may not be feasible. But it many cases, it will be an quick way to cram lots of content onto a single sheet of paper. This tutorial explains how to do that in Windows 7, but keep in mind that printing several pages on the same sheet is done in exactly the same way in Windows Vista and Windows XP (and perhaps even older versions of Windows!)


Printing multiple pages onto the same sheet of paper

Follow these steps to tell Windows 7 and your printer to use the same paper sheet for several pages:

Within a second, Windows 7 will start printing your document, with multiple pages printed on each sheet of paper. This is all it takes, and this functionality is available for and from nearly all programs.

Caution: printing several pages on the same sheet of paper is a "persistent" print setting you can configure; this means that Windows 7 will remember it, at least for the application from which you printed multiple pages per sheet. If you only want one page per sheet next time you print a document, remember to change this option back to iTunes Store default, following the steps we outlined above, and choosing "1" under the Pages per Sheet dropdown menu.

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