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Print only the first page of a document in Windows 7

Whenever you are trying to print a document, Windows 7 will automatically select certain settings; one of these settings is to print the entire current document, which is not always what you want to do. While the Print dialog you will see varies from one application to another, most programs use the standard Print dialog, or a variation that is very close to it. In this tutorial, we will show you how to print just the first page of a document in Windows 7. (Note that this tutorial focuses on Windows 7, but the way you print only the first page is exactly the same in Windows Vista or Windows XP!)


How to print just the first page of a document

Follow these steps to force Windows 7 to print only page 1 of your document:

A few noises later, your printer will spit out a single sheet of paper, with only the content of the first page printed on it! That's all it takes to print a single, first page and leave the others out.

Tip: before you decide to print the first page of a document, you may want to know where the printing will stop, and what content will be left out; to do so, just choose the "Print Preview" command, and it will tell you exactly what the first page will contain!

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