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View a list of all installed printers and print drivers in Windows 7

Whenever you are about to print a document or picture in Windows 7, the "Print" dialog appears, giving you a choice of which printer or print driver to use to print that particular file. This listing comes from the list of available printers Windows 7 maintains at all time; this is the list you use when you want to install or remove a printer or print driver, for example. This tutorial explains how to access this list to see all printers and print drivers currently available to your computer.


Show all devices and printers in Windows 7

Follow these steps to display all available printers for your PC:

Are some printers missing from your Windows 7 computer?

This is all you have to do to see a full listing of all the printers and print drivers currently visible from your PC. Note that network printers (also known as "shared printers", or printers that are not actually physically connected to your computer, but placed somewhere on your network or HomeGroup, and available wirelessly, for example, are not necessarily listed. This means that this particular printer is not currently visible on the network, due to any number of reasons - either the printer is turned off, unplugged, or connected to a computer that is currently turned off.

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