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Add gadgets to the desktop in Windows 7

By default, no gadget is added to the desktop in Windows 7: but your computer will come with at least 8 built-in gadgets, including the Calendar, Clock, CPU Meter, Currency [converter], Feed Headlines (a gadget to read "RSS" feeds), Picture Puzzle, Slide Show, Weather, and (if your Windows 7 edition supports it), a Windows Media Center gadget. PC manufacturers also sometimes include desktop gadgets relevant to their company or the hardware used in your computer (like a video card).

In this tutorial, we will show you how to add any of these gadgets to your desktop; the next tutorial will explain how to download and install new gadgets on in Windows 7.


Add a gadget to the desktop in Windows 7

To add to your desktop any of the built-in Windows 7 gadgets, follow these simple steps:

Tip: you can drag a gadget to your desktop as many times as you like. Windows 7 will create a new "instance" of the gadget each time; this can be useful with the clock gadget, for example, to show as may time zones on your desktop as you want.

Desktop gadgets settings are not persistent!

Unlike regular programs, gadgets do not remember your settings. Before you remove a gadget from your desktop by clicking its Close button, keep in mind that the gadget will not retain the options you configured, for the next time you add this particular gadget on your desktop.

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