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Close / hide a gadget from your Windows 7 desktop (without uninstalling)

One of the nice features with desktop gadgets in Windows 7 (which was also the case in Windows Vista) is that you have a "Gadget Gallery" that stores all gadgets installed on your computer; this gives you the ability to close, or hide, a gadget from your desktop without having to actually uninstall it. Likewise, the Gadget Gallery can be used to drag and drop multiple instances of a gadget; think of the Gadget Gallery as a store, from where you can buy (for free) and return as many gadgets as you want! In this tutorial, we will explain how to remove gadgets from your desktop, without uninstalling them - if needed, you can uninstall a gadget and permanently delete from your PC.


Close a gadget / hide it from your Windows 7 desktop

Follow these steps to temporarily remove a gadget from the desktop:

Warning: it is very easy to close a gadget to hide it from your desktop, and Windows 7 will not ask you confirmation before doing so once you have clicked to close. But keep in mind that the settings and options you have configured for this particular instance of the gadget you are closing will be gone. In other words, you can add the gadget back to your desktop later on, but it will no longer have anything but its default settings!

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