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Hide gadgets / show gadgets on the desktop in Windows 7

Show a gadget in Windows 7 By default, desktop gadgets are visible in Windows 7, but no gadget is automatically preloaded; after you have added Windows gadgets, or installed a new gadget, you can show them or hide them from view with a couple of clicks. In many cases, users seeking to show their desktop gadgets have accidentally hidden them. This tutorial explains how to hide desktop gadgets, and how to show gadgets in Windows 7.


Hide gadgets from the desktop

After you have added or installed gadgets in Windows 7, here is how you can hide them:

As you will see from in the next section of this tutorial, the show/hide gadgets setting can be turned on or off in a blink; note that this option is "remembered" by Windows even after a reboot. We now show you how to show gadgets that were hidden from the desktop (accidentally or not).

Show gadgets on the desktop ("My gadgets disappeared!")

My gadgets are gone! If you do not see any gadget on your desktop, but know that you have added some of the ones that ship with Windows 7, or downloaded and installed new ones, it probably just means that you or another Windows user has accidentally hidden them (your gadgets are not gone!).

To display all installed gadgets currently added to the desktop, which seemingly disappeared:

And this is all it takes to show or hide gadgets from the desktop in Windows 7!

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