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Make a gadget stay above other programs in Windows 7 (Floating "always on top")

Windows 7 Sidebar to dock desktop gadgets By default, Windows 7 gadgets are displayed on the desktop, when all your program windows are minimized, but they are hidden the rest of the time, unless you have downloaded and installed the Sidebar for Windows 7 (as shown on the screenshot). But, even without installing the Sidebar, you can force a gadget to stay "Always on top", above all other windows you have open.

Since this is a standard setting that Windows 7 applies to desktop gadgets, and not an option part of a gadget itself, this means that all gadgets you have installed can be made to float above your other programs, as you'll learn in this tutorial.


Force gadgets to stay above all other windows

Follow these steps to make a gadget always stay on top, in the foreground:

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