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Download the Windows 7 Sidebar to organize your desktop gadgets

Windows 7 Sidebar While it was a disappointment to see that Microsoft had removed the Sidebar from Windows 7, it was a good surprise to discover that a German developer took the time to create a free gadget for Windows 7 that gives you an exact (better, actually) Sidebar for Windows 7! This tutorial explains how to install the free Sidebar gadget for Windows 7 (which is called "7 Sidebar"), and how to customize its settings.


Download and install the free Windows 7 Sidebar gadget

To download and install the Sidebar for Windows 7, follow these steps:

And this is it! You are now ready to use the Windows 7 Sidebar on your computer. Any gadgets you had added to your desktop, and had docked to the right of the screen, will have been automatically placed on the Sidebar. You can move these gadgets out of the Sidebar, and drop there anywhere else on screen, and likewise, can drop other desktop gadgets onto the Sidebar itself.

Customize your Sidebar settings

Customize Windows 7 Sidebar This custom Sidebar for Windows 7 actually offers more options than the original Sidebar Microsoft created, which shipped with Windows Vista: the customize dialog for 7 Sidebar looks like the screenshot on the right.

Once you are done configuring your Sidebar's settings, click on the Close button to return to Windows.

Close the Windows 7 Sidebar

The Windows 7 Sidebar works just like any other gadget: once you are (temporarily) done using it, just close it, and it will go back to the Gadget Gallery. To close the Sidebar, right-click on it, and choose "Close 7 Sidebar" from the context menu.

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