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Uninstall a gadget in Windows 7 (Delete / permanently remove from your computer)

A certain number of gadgets come with Windows 7, and you can also download and install new gadgets you found online; both built-in gadgets and those you installed yourself can be uninstalled and removed from your computer at any point. In this tutorial, we will explain how to uninstall a gadget from your computer, and other options to consider before you permanently remove a gadget from Windows 7.


Uninstall gadgets in Windows 7

Follow these steps to completely remove a gadget from your computer:

Note: if the gadget you want to uninstall is running on your desktop, Windows 7 will automatic close it before uninstalling it. While you can re-install uninstalled gadgets later on, keep in mind that you will have to re-configure any custom settings you had: in some cases, rather than removing gadgets from your computer, it can be simpler to just close / hide the gadget from your desktop - which removes it from the desktop, but retains it inside the Gadget Gallery.

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