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Show / customize desktop gadget options in Windows 7 (Configure gadgets' settings)

Except for a few exceptions, your desktop gadgets in Windows 7 will have settings and options you can configure: one such exception is the calendar gadget that ships with Windows 7 and Windows Vista, and contains no possibility customization. In this tutorial, we will show you how to determine if a gadget can be customized at all, and if this is the case, how you can configure its settings: you will also learn about two additional settings that are available to all gadgets in Windows 7.


Customize a gadget settings in Windows 7

Follow these steps to configure the basic options available to a gadget:

Caveat: whenever you close / hide a gadget from your desktop in Windows 7, all the settings you have customized for this gadget are gone! You can re-configure them if you do decide later on to add this gadget to your desktop, but this can quickly get tedious if you add and remove the same gadget from your desktop. Remember that you can turn off the "Always on top" option if you no longer want to constantly see the gadget, instead of removing it from your desktop altogether.

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