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Change paper size settings in Microsoft Word 2007

Microsoft Word automatically uses the default paper size for your regional settings (Letter for North America and A4 for Europe, for example.) But you can change the paper size (or page dimension) of your documents to anything you like: Word 2007 comes with built-in common paper size presets, and lets you define custom paper sizes as well. This tutorial explains how to change your document's paper size settings with a couple of clicks in Microsoft Word 2007.


Note that the paper size settings in Word 2007 (the dimensions of the actual sheet of paper) are different from the paper orientation (the direction in which you lay out information on the sheet of paper). Another tutorial explains in detail how you can change the orientation to landscape or portrait mode in Word 2007.

Change the paper size of your document in Word 2007

Modify document paper size in Word 2007 To change the paper size settings for the current document in Microsoft Word 2007, click on the Page Layout tab, and locate the Size button: click on the size button to reveal a menu containing the paper size presets.

Notice that the list of paper sizes is scrollable: navigate through the built-in paper sizes listing to see if you can find the paper dimensions you need. If you do, click on the paper size preset in the menu, and Word 2007 will apply the new paper size to your document.

Note that, like page orientation, the paper size information is contained in the saved Word document as well: this means that if you were to email your document to someone else, the other person opening the document would see it with the paper size settings you defined, regardless of the recipient's paper size settings.

Use a custom paper size setting in Word 2007

Custom paper and page dimensions in Word 2007 If none of the paper size presets worked for you, click on More Paper Sizes at the very bottom of the menu, and Word 2007 will open the Page Setup dialog.

Without delving to deep into Microsoft Word's page setup settings in this tutorial, explore the various fields available, and you will be able to create any paper size you want.

Make sure you print a test page with your current custom paper size, to check that the dimensions your configured will actually print without problems on the pages sitting in your printer's tray.

This is it! Changing the default paper size, or page dimensions, in Microsoft Word 2007 does not take more than a couple of clicks between size presets or custom paper sizes.

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