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Insert page numbers in Microsoft Word 2007 (automatic pagination)

Pagination and page numbering options in Word 2007 The previous tutorials showed you how to insert headers and insert footers in your Microsoft Word documents. One of the most common use for the header and footer is pagination, or automatic page numbering in your documents. This tutorial explains how easily you can automatically number the pages in your documents, and the various ways you can display current page number, total page number, etc. in either the header or the footer of each page (or even the page margins!)


Automatically add page numbers in Word 2007

Create or edit headers and footers in Microsoft Word Professionalism aside, there are several advantages to including pagination in your Microsoft Word documents' header and footer. The most obvious is the ability to easily re-order a shuffled stack of multi-page printouts. Moreover, Word 2007 includes a myriad of page numbering themes, giving to a mundane functionality a great potential for enhancing the look of your publications. To insert page numbers in your document (and let Word automatically manage pagination for you), double-click at the top or bottom of a page to enter into header / footer editing mode. Alternatively, click on the Ribbon's Insert tab, and click on the Header or the Footer button (both enter header/footer editing mode, but which button you click determines whether Word 2007 focuses the insertion point in the header or in he footer).

Header and footer tools in Word 2007 Once the focus (blinking insertion point) is inside the header or the footer, Word 2007 has added a tab labeled "Header & Footer Tools / Design" to the Ribbon. The leftmost group of commands include a Page Number button/dropdown combo:

Page numbering command in the Ribbon

Page number format and options

Click on Page Number to reveal the pagination options Word 2007 offers. The Page Number dropdown menu includes several sub-menus: Top of page (to insert page numbers in the header), Bottom of page (to display pagination in the footer), and other options like Page Margins and Current Position for inserting the page numbers in other position (like the side of a page).

Pagination formats and automatic page numbering in Word 2007

Notice that each of the themes displayed under each sub-menu is scrollable: scroll through the list until you find an pagination option and format you like. For more advanced pagination (like inserting page numbers starting at a number different than 1), click on the Format Page Numbers menu item: this will open the Page Number Format dialog.

Remove page numbers from your Word 2007 document (disable automatic pagination)

Remove or delete page numbers in Word 2007 To completely remove pagination from your document and all its pages, Word 2007 offers a one-click option under the Page Number button/dropdown combo: click Remove Page Numbers, and your document no longer displays the page numbers in the header, footer, or margins of each page.

This just illustrate how easier it is to use automatic page numbering in Word 2007, as opposed to typing yourself the page numbers as you go, (and having to re-number every page manually if you happen to add new text in the middle of your document!)

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