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Insert a border line in Microsoft Word 2007 (horizontal separators)

Horizontal line separators in Word 2007 Our previous tutorial explained how to insert page breaks in Word 2007; this tutorial will show you how to easily add visible line breaks in your documents: this allows you to visually separate sections of text without forcing the text following the horizontal line to start on a new page. (For those familiar with HTML, the horizontal line in Microsoft Word documents is the same thing as the

tag in HTML.) Sprucing horizontal line separators throughout your Word documents is a nice way to visually break down the information presented in your publication.


Insert horizontal line separators in your Word 2007 documents

To insert an horizontal line separator in Microsoft Word 2007, hit Enter to start a new paragraph, and type three hyphens (or minus signs) on the new line, like this: "---". Right after the third hyphen, hit Enter again. Word 2007 will immediately convert your three hyphens into a solid horizontal line, and display a "smart tag" button:

Border line and smart tag in Word 2007

Border line options (settings for automatic horizontal separators)

Border line and line separator options for Word 2007 Word 2007 displays the smart tag button to give you a chance to modify the default behavior in case you did not mean to actually a line separator (or "Border Line").

Click on the smart tag button to show your options:

Insert double border lines (horizontal separators) in Word 2007

If you type three hyphens (---), hit Enter, then three more hyphens (---), and hit Enter again, Microsoft Word will insert two horizontal separators, or border lines, back to back, but showing the second one in a slightly lighter color, and grouped close to one another:

Double border lines (double separator) in Word 2007

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