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Find a synonym in Microsoft Word 2007 (Integrated thesaurus)

Built-in thesaurus for word synonyms In addition to Microsoft Word's built-in spell-checker, Word 2007 comes with an integrated thesaurus to let you quickly find the synonyms or antonyms of a word. This tutorial explains how to quickly lookup a word's synonym, and how to use the full-blown thesaurus from the Research pane.


Find synonyms in Word 2007

Find a synonym in Word 2007 To find the synonym in Word 2007, right-click on the word in question to show the context menu, and go to the Synonyms sub-menu to pull up a listing of synonyms.

If Word 2007 displays a suitable synonym, click on it and it will replace your original word.

In most cases, the Synonyms sub-menu will give you an answer you like. But if this isn't the case, click on Thesaurus at the bottom of the Synonyms sub-menu, and Word 2007 will open the Research pane, auto-populate it with the word on which you right-clicked, and launch a more detailed thesaurus search.

Advanced synonym search with full thesaurus in Word 2007

From the initial list of 8 synonyms Word 2007 gave us in the context menu, we now have a larger listing of synonyms in the Research pane, including synonyms for related words (a lists of synonym for another synonym, in other words).

Full thesaurus and synonym listing in Microsoft Word 2007

Notice that the full synonym listing is scrollable, and includes below the many synonyms another thesaurus search for one of the synonym found.

To find yet more synonyms, type a base synonym in the Search for field, make sure that Thesaurus is selected in the dropdown menu, and click the arrow button to launch your advanced search.

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