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Insert an image or picture in Microsoft Word 2007 documents

Insert image options in Word 2007 Microsoft Word 2007 lets you insert images, photos and clipart inside your documents. You can also paste images and pictures, either from files on your computer, from a screen capture, or images you copied from a website. This tutorial will show you how to insert images and pictures from various sources in your Word 2007 documents.


Insert pictures from file in Word 2007

Insert picture from file in Word 2007 The easiest way to insert a picture in a Word 2007 documents is to insert an image "as-is" from your computer: go to the Insert tab in the Ribbon, and look at the Illustrations block of the Ribbon. Click on the leftmost, big button labeled "Picture":

This will open Word's Insert Picture dialog. By default, it is currently showing you the content of your pictures folder (called "My Pictures" in Windows XP, and "Pictures" in Windows Vista). If needed, navigate to another folder.

Pick an image for your Word document Locate the picture or image you would like to insert in your Microsoft Word document, and double click on the file.

Resize a picture in Word 2007 Word 2007 will insert a copy of the image inside your document, and maintain the file's dimension: if needed, resize the picture by dragging one of its corner handle (no need for the Shift key, Word 2007 automatically retains the picture's proportions).

Insert an image or picture from the internet

Copy and paste an image into your Word document To use a picture you found on a website, right-click on the picture and choose Copy. Go back to your Word document, right-click, and choose Paste.

Copy a picture's address or URL Another way to achieve the same effect is to right-click on the image, choose Properties, and copy the location of the picture, which is displayed under Address (URL) value. You can paste this address in Word 2007's Insert Picture dialog, much like you can paste the path to an image on your computer instead of navigating to it.

Insert clipart (or "clip art") in your Word document

Insert clip art in Word 2007 "Clipart" or "clip art" is a special kind of two-dimensional illustration with a hand-drawn feel to them. While clip art is popular, it is not always best suited for professional presentations at the office, for example. Insert clipart illustrations from Microsoft's online gallery

Click the Clip Art button right of Pictures, and Word 2007 will open the Clip Art side pane. Type for a keyword to search for clip art illustration in the Search for field, and click the Go button. The first time you search for clipart, Word will ask if it can search Microsoft's online library or clipart: click Yes if you are connected to the internet.

Click to insert clipart in Word 2007 Once you found a clipart image you would like to insert in your Word document, click on the image, and choose Insert from the image menu that opened. Microsoft Word will insert the clip art illustration where your insertion point was.

Replace an existing image with another in your Word 2007 document

Replace images in Word 2007 To replace an image you already have inside your Microsoft Word document with another image, right-click on the image or picture, and choose Change Picture. Word 2007 will open the Insert Image dialog we discussed above, and let you pick a replacement image. Once you found it, double click on the picture file and Word will substitute the old one with it.

Delete or remove an image from your Word document

To remove or delete an image in Word 2007, click to select the image, and hit the Backspace key on your keyboard. If you deleted an image by mistake, hit the Undo button in the Quick Access Toolbar, or hit Ctrl+Z, and Word 2007 will restore the image in your document.

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