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Automatically show or hide the taskbar in Windows 7

An earlier tutorial explained how you can move the Windows 7 taskbar to any side of the screen, as you could with earlier versions of Windows as far as we can remember. And just like its predecessors, Windows 7 also includes an "Auto Hide" feature that allows you to save space (screen real estate) - as its name implies, this functionality hides the taskbar all the time, except when you need it or when Windows wants to call your attention to it, for example when a download is complete, a computer restart notice is displayed, a program tries to steal the focus to itself, etc. In this tutorial, we will show you how to enable (and disable) the auto hide feature, and how to display the taskbar when you want it back in sight.


Make the taskbar automatically disappear off screen 

Follow these steps to access your taskbar auto hide settings:

To prevent the taskbar from automatically hiding any longer, just follow the steps outlined above, but this time uncheck the "Auto-hide the taskbar" checkbox, and click on the "OK" button.

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