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Unlock or lock the taskbar in Windows 7: enable or prevent moving / resizing

Once you have moved the taskbar (or resized the taskbar), you can lock it to preserve your settings, and prevent the taskbar from being moved or resized by accident. Likewise, you will be able to easily unlock the taskbar when you do want to move it or resize it. Unlike previous versions of Windows, a locked or unlocked taskbar in Windows 7 has exactly the same appearance, which means that you can no longer rely on the visibility or absence of "grabber" handles to determine whether the taskbar is currently locked or unlocked. This tutorial explains how to do both and check on the current state.


Lock the taskbar in Windows 7

After having moved or resized the taskbar, follow these steps to lock it:

This is how you lock or unlock the taskbar in Windows 7 - and remember, nothing visually lets you know whether it is locked or not: just give it a right click to confirm its current status.

On a final note, the locked/unlocked status of the taskbar is a "per user" settings. Windows users can each have their own settings, without impact on other user profiles on the same machine.

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