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Change the first day of the week (when weeks start) in Windows 7

By default on a Windows 7 computer purchased in the US, the first day of the week is Sunday, as is often the case in calendars of all kinds (paper or software), even if most of us consider for work and school that the week starts on Monday. In this tutorial, we will show you how to make Windows 7 use Monday (or another day of your choice, like Saturday), as the first day of the week. This is part of the "regional settings" in Windows 7, and most programs will respect your preferences, and display (among other options) the first day of the week you have chosen in your Windows preferences.


Change the first day of the week to Monday (for example) 

Follow these steps to force Windows 7 to start weeks on a different day:

Third-party calendars may ignore your Windows 7 first-day-of-week settings Note: as mentioned earlier, although programs should respect your Windows 7 local and regional preferences (which includes first day of the week), some third-party applications (like the Mozilla Sunbird calendar), follow their own settings - which in most cases can be configured, and that you'll need to customize manually.

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