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Make the Windows 7 taskbar look like Windows XP or Windows Vista

The Windows 7 taskbar has been radically redesigned, and may throw you off at first; if you cannot seem to get used to it, it is possible to make the Windows 7 taskbar look just like the taskbar in Windows XP or Windows Vista. This tutorial explains how customize the new taskbar, and gives you a few tips to get the most of both the old taskbar appearance, and new functionality Microsoft introduced in the Windows 7 taskbar, like jump lists, thumbnails, and moving taskbar buttons.


Use a Windows XP / Windows Vista style taskbar in Windows 7

Follow these steps to customize the Windows 7 taskbar to look like earlier versions of Windows:

Tip: in earlier versions of Windows, you could right-click on taskbar buttons to get a simple menu that allowed you to maximize, minimize, restore, move, size, or close the selected window. Despite the new context menu in taskbar buttons, you can still get the old menu: hold down the Shift key while right-clicking on a taskbar button to get the classic menu:

Get the classic context menu in Windows 7 taskbar

By customizing your Windows 7 taskbar to look like XP or Vista, you get the best of both worlds: not only are you using a more familiar taskbar, but you still get the new right-click menu functionality, and the ability to move around taskbar buttons, which was not possible before Windows 7. Just drag the taskbar button left or right, and drop it when you reach the position where you want it moved:

New taskbar functionality: move windows around

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