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Show military time (24 hours) in the system clock in Windows 7

Using military time in the Windows 7 system clock (notification area) By default (for a computer purchased in the US anyway), Windows 7 displays the clock's time in a 12-hour format, using the "AM" or "PM" suffix to indicate whether it is the night / morning or afternoon / evening. But Windows 7 does support so-called "military time", where the time of day is shown in a 24-hour format. In this tutorial, you will learn how to configure Windows 7 to show military time instead of AM/PM in the system clock and the rest of programs (most applications, even created by third-party developers, respect your operating system's "regional settings", and will display date and time in the format set in your global preferences).


Change time format to military time in Windows 7

Follow these steps to start using a 24-hour time format instead of AM/PM:

You have successfully changed your time format to military time!

Note: Keep in mind that (if you are in the US or Canada, or are dealing with North-Americans), most people aren't familiar with the 24-hour time format, so you may need to manually "translate" your timestamps in some documents to use the AM/PM, 12-hour time format.

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