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Show a second + another clock in Windows 7 (add multiple clocks / several time zones)

By default, Windows 7 only includes one single clock, set to the current time zone you have chosen when first setting up Windows (or another if you since changed your time zone). But you can add multiple clocks to the notification area (system tray), a second clock for a (different) time zone, and even another, third clock after that. This tutorial explains how to access these additional clocks after they have been setup, and how to customize them after the fact, in case you want to remove a clock (delete it simply by simply unselecting it), or change it to show a different time.


Add a second and third clock in Windows 7

Follow these steps to display more clocks than just the system clock:

Edit your system clocks

Just follow the steps outlined above to access and customize your clocks: you can configure their time zones and change their names as many times as you need or want to, a handy feature for business people and world travelers! Click OK to save the changes, which will take effect immediately.

Remove or delete a clock from the system tray (notification area)

You actually don't even need to delete a clock you no longer want: just access the Windows 7 Date and Time settings, and uncheck the clock you want to hide, and you are done!

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