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Resize the taskbar in Windows 7 (and show date next to time!)

Like other versions of Windows, for as long as we can remember, Windows 7 lets you resize the taskbar; the previous tutorial explained how to move the taskbar, and combined with that, you'll be able to make the most of the taskbar based on personal preferences, and the geometry of your screen (most modern displays are "wide screen", which can benefit from having the taskbar on a side of the screen). As you'll learn in this tutorial, making the taskbar larger has a nice, secondary effect: it lets you show the date next to the time, in the system clock (in notification area / system tray).

Before resizing the taskbar, you need to make sure that it is unlocked: right-click on an empty area of the taskbar: if there is no checkmark next to "Lock the taskbar", it is already unlocked; otherwise, click on "Lock the taskbar" to unlock it (remove the checkmark).


Resize the taskbar (make it bigger)

Now that the taskbar is unlocked, follow these steps to resize it:

It takes a bit of time to get accustomed to a vertical taskbar (which can be resized to a minimum strip on the side of your screen), but it is all that much space extra space you have vertically, and most documents (web pages, Microsoft Office documents, etc.) are displayed more in height than in width.

That's all it takes to resize your taskbar in Windows 7! Don't forget to lock your taskbar once you found the perfect size (height or width), to avoid accidentally resizing the taskbar later on. It is impossible to resize by accident a locked taskbar!

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