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Show small icons or use large icons for taskbar buttons in Windows 7

Use large icons or small icons and buttons on the Windows 7 taskbar By default, Windows 7 uses large icons and large buttons, a new format for the latest version of Windows: but you can customize your taskbar and use small icons and buttons - this also has the side effect of hiding the date from the taskbar's notification area (you can still see the clock and time, as with previous versions of Windows, and still see the date by hovering your mouse cursor above the clock itself). Using smaller icons has the benefit of making the taskbar less "high", and taking less space on your screen than the default, large icons setting.


Switch to small icons and smaller buttons in the taskbar

Follow these steps to reduce the size of taskbar icons and buttons:

Revert to large taskbar icons

If you change your mind, and decide to return to using larger icons in the Windows 7 taskbar, just right-click again on the start menu, choose "Properties", select the "Taskbar" tab, but this time, uncheck the "Use small icons" checkbox before clicking OK.

Windows 7 will now resume using the larger icons and buttons in the taskbar:

Combined large icons inside the Windows 7 taskbar

And the same, large icons and buttons can be used with the Combine-Taskbar-Buttons option turned off (which doesn't looks that good, though), a kind of hybrid setup:

Uncombined large icon buttons in the taskbar in Windows 7

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