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Change the date on your computer (system clock + taskbar calendar in Windows 7)

The previous tutorial explained how to change the system clock's time in Windows 7: now we'll show you how to change the date, which affects every part of Windows 7, from the timestamp showing on files you create (date created attribute) or save (modified date), any reminder you have setup (either through the Task Scheduler or calendaring programs like Outlook 2007), etc.


Change the system date in Windows 7

Follow these steps to modify the current date on your computer:

Tip: to view all months inside the calendar date picker, just click on the current month name, and Windows 7 will show all months inside the calendar itself. And if you then click on the year at the top, you will see several years to choose from: in other words, from this simple calendar, you can change the date's day, month, or year - and a final click will show decades!

Note: Our taskbar is moved at the top of the screen, but the same functionality is also there when your taskbar is in the standard position, at the bottom of the screen. You can click on the system clock regardless of its position, and get the same effect.

Tip: Windows 7 displays the date next to the clock in the system tray (notification area), as long as you are using large icons in the taskbar: if you want to know the current date, but are using small icons, just move your mouse pointer (cursor) above the clock and leave it there for about a second - and Windows will show you the current date in a tooltip:

Move your mouse above the clock to show the current date

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