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Show or hide the volume icon (sound speaker) from the taskbar in Windows 7

Volume icon (sound speakers) in Windows 7 taskbar Windows 7 automatically shows the volume icon inside the taskbar (as was the case in previous versions of Windows). Having the sound volume icon visible inside the taskbar is handy (and allows you with a click to increase or decrease your speakers' sound volume), but is redundant if you already have a volume control on your keyboard, for example, which is increasingly common. This Windows 7 explains how to show or hide the volume icon in the taskbar. 


Hide the volume icon from the taskbar (system speakers icon)

Follow these steps to hide your volume speaker icon from the taskbar in Windows 7:

Windows 7 has now stopped showing the Volume icon (sound speaker) on the taskbar; if you need to change the volume, use your keyboard button instead.

While a keyboard button to control volume works in most cases, you may sometimes need to increase or decrease the speakers' volume for an individual application (program), which cannot be done. If your speaker icon is hidden from the taskbar, here's what you need to do: open the start menu, and type "snd", the file name of Windows 7's sound mixer. One of the first results should be "SndVol.exe" - click on it, and the "Volume Mixer - Speakers" will open.

Show the volume icon in the taskbar

If you end up finding to impractical notification area to have the speaker icon displayed inside the taskbar, you can tell Windows 7 to resume showing the volume, same steps as before:

Windows 7 has now resumed displaying the volume icon in the taskbar!

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