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Hide the date from the taskbar in Windows 7

By default, Windows 7 displays the date next to the time in the notification area of the taskbar (system tray). This used to be the case with previous versions of Windows when you resized the taskbar to a large enough height to allow enough space to show the date, and even the day of the week. In this tutorial, we will show you how to hide the date from the Windows 7 taskbar, without having to hide the time! This means that you will keep the system clock, but only show the time, without a date.

Note that this tutorial assumes that you want to hide the date from the taskbar, but that you still want to keep the time showing in the notification area; if this is not the case, Windows 7 lets you show or hide the clock altogether, and completely remove it from the taskbar.


Show only time in taskbar, no date

To hide the date from the taskbar, follow these steps:

And this is all it takes to hide the date from the Windows 7 taskbar! You can at any time get the date by moving your mouse above the system clock, or by quickly resizing (temporarily) the taskbar, to get not only the date, but also the day of the week:

Show date and day of the week in the Windows 7 taskbar

Tip: you can also view a full month calendar in the taskbar (instead of just a simple day or date), by giving a single click on the system clock. Some older versions of Windows used to accept a double-click, which would show the full date and time settings, but since Windows Vista you have this mini built-in calendar, right in your taskbar.

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