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Move the taskbar in Windows 7 (to top of screen, sides, or back to bottom)

By default, Windows 7 displays the taskbar at the bottom of the screen; like all previous versions of Windows. But the position of the taskbar can be customized to fit your needs, and the type of screen you are using (a taskbar docked to the left or right of the screen makes sense with most modern, wide screen, displays). This tutorial explains first how to move the taskbar to the sides of the screen, move it to the top, and back to the bottom - and how to prevent the taskbar from being accidentally moved.


Tip: before you can resize or move the taskbar, you will need to "unlock" it; a locked taskbar cannot be moved or resized. To unlock the taskbar in Windows 7, right-click on an empty area (right next to the Start button, for example). Is there a checkmark next to "Lock the taskbar"? If not, the taskbar is already unlocked; otherwise, click on "Lock the taskbar" to unlock it.

Move the taskbar to the side of the screen (left or right) in Windows 7

Once the taskbar is unlocked, here's how to move the taskbar to the sides (vertical taskbar), along the right edge or left edge of the screen:

We'll now explain how to move the taskbar to the top of the screen.

Move the taskbar to the top of the screen (or back to the bottom)

Follow these steps to move the taskbar to the top of the screen: (horizontal taskbar)

To move your taskbar back to the bottom of the screen: just unlock it, and follow the same steps: grab and hold, move your cursor to the bottom edge of the screen, and release!

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