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Backup / export and import tasks from the Task Scheduler in Windows 7

Once you have spent a lot of time creating and customizing scheduled tasks in Windows 7, you will not want to start the process over on another computer running Windows 7: fortunately, you can export your tasks and import them on your other machine. The same process of exporting can also be used as a quick way to backup the tasks and reminders you have setup, without having to backup your entire computer.


Export tasks from Windows Task Scheduler to backup or transfer to another PC

Follow these steps to export your scheduled tasks:

Restore or import tasks into the Windows 7 Task Scheduler

If you need to restore a backed up task, or want to import it into Task Scheduler on another Windows 7 PC, just load Task Scheduler as explained above. Then, select the category on the left, into which you want to import a task file (in XML format, as exported from above).

Finally, click on the Action menu, and choose "Import". That's it! (Importing tasks in Windows 7 is a lot simpler than exporting them out of Task Scheduler.)

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