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Disable / turn off Windows Updates in Windows 7

Automatic updates are turned on by default in Windows 7, making it the safest configuration possible: no need to manually check for new patches or install them yourself. But, whatever your reason, Microsoft lets you turn off Windows Updates completely on your computer. In this case, you become responsible for maintaining yourself your PC up-to-date (something you can do by creating a reminder with the Task Scheduler). This free Windows 7 tutorial explains how to disable Windows Updates.


Disable automatic updates on Windows 7

Follow these steps to prevent Windows 7 from automatically download and install new updates:

Note: we do not recommend keeping your computer with Windows Updates turned off, except for machines that never go online (and or not physically connected to a network, or have a turned on wireless adapter). Also keep in mind that whenever you insert a CD/DVD or plug in an external hard drive or USB flash drive, your antivirus software's virus definition files will be out-of-date, and will not protect you from a recent virus: in those cases, first scan the drive for viruses from a computer that has up-to-date protection.

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