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Permanently delete or temporarily disable a scheduled task in Windows 7

Whenever you create a task or reminder through the Task Scheduler in Windows 7, these events can repeat over time, even indefinitely. So, what if you need to temporarily disable a task / reminder, or permanently delete it? Fortunately, this is possible, and quite easily done. A scheduled task you delete will be erased from your computer for good, so in many cases where there is a chance that you might re-use the scheduled task in the future, it is safer to just disable it - in that case, you can re-enable any time you need it to run again.


Disable or delete a scheduled task in the Task Scheduler 

Follow these steps to stop a task from running in Windows 7:

Tip: right-clicking on an inactive task ("Disabled") will not give you the option to delete it; first Enable it, and then right-click on it and choose "Delete".

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