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What is my Windows Experience Index in Windows 7 / Windows Vista?

Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with an "Aero Theme", which makes heavy use of your graphics card (video card) to give you this beautiful interface, colors, and animation that are a stark transition from previous versions of Windows (including Windows XP, but mostly earlier ones). Since these nice animation and visual effects require more resources from your graphics card, processor (CPU), and memory (RAM) to a lesser extent, Microsoft has come up with a universal measure, a number, that evaluates (somewhat arbitrarily) how well equipped your computer is to run demanding tasks like running the Aero Theme - this does not mean that a low Windows Experience Index will prevent you from running the Aero experience on Windows 7 or Vista, just that the experience may be less smooth.


Get the Windows Experience Index of your computer

Follow these steps to view or calculate your Windows Experience Index:

Your Windows Experience Index, once run, will remain the same unless you re-run it; the next section explains how to recalculate your score afterwards. 

How to recalculate your Windows Experience Index

If you want to double-check the Windows Experience Index you got (for example if you ended up using your PC while the test was running), or if you have added or reconfigured hardware on your machine, you can easily re-run the Windows Experience Index test to get an updated number.

Follow the steps outlined above to get to your system information screen in the Control Panel (hint: press Windows logo + Pause/Break), and click on the "Windows Experience Index" link to load the results of the tests. Once on that screen, scroll to the very bottom, and click on the "Re-run the assessment" link: the same tests will run, avoid using your PC until they are complete.

Start over and run a new Windows Experience Index test

What is the maximum Windows Experience Index you can get?

For Windows Vista, the maximum Windows Experience Index is 5.9; and for Windows 7, the maximum Windows Experience Index you can get is 7.9. Again, remember that your overall Windows Experience Index is based on the lowest of all Windows Experience Index numbers you got (since it is the limiting factor), and isn't an average "grade" for your computer hardware.

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