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Make Windows 7 automatically download and install Windows Updates on your PC

By default, Windows 7 is configured to automatically download and install updates on your computer, but this can be customized: either turned off altogether, or fine-tuned to only notify you, or also download the updates, etc. (Learn more about customizing your Windows Updates settings.) This free Windows 7 tutorial explains how to turn back on (re-enable) automatic updates for your PC, which is the safest configuration possible: no need to manually check for new updates, or to initiate the install of updates yourself - Windows will take care of everything behind the scenes!


Turn on automatic updates in Windows 7

Follow these steps to make Windows 7 automatically download and install new updates on your computer, without any manual intervention on your part:

Caution: while automatic Windows Updates is the safest option, and keeps your computer protected from the latest threats, it also means that if the update requires a reboot (to restart your computer), Windows 7 will give you a preliminary warning before doing so: if you are not in front of your computer for a few hours, you may lose most open windows (like web pages), as well as any unsaved work. Make sure you always save important stuff before leaving your PC.

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